Accelerating collaboration opportunity within DSI Investment Circle at COLLAB 2021

For this year’s COLLAB 2021, we are uncovering opportunities in the field of creativity, sustainability and circular economy. Paving ways for potential synergies between DSI Investee’s esteemed companies and our Group’s long track of history in mining industries and more recently into renewable energy. Not to replace, but to complement the circle into whole. Investee’s Founders will share how they are maximizing their business opportunities through growth-focused and sustainable approach. Attendees will also gain access to our Group’s available “Canvases” and fellow Investees to discover exponential opportunity for growth through collaboration with our Group on these Canvases.

As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are looking forward to achieve something bigger than each part of our own, to be greater than sum of our parts. We will see you soon in COLLAB 2021.

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  • We have buy out Bvlgari Resort for our event to indulge your comfort and safety. All facilities are available and may be use during free time (at your own cost)
  • For all of our convenient and safety, all participant are not allowed to leave Bvlgari Resort during our event from Day 1 to Day 3. You will not granted access once you leave the resort during the event.
  • You will need to register to the event via scanning QR code when Checking In upon arrival at Bvlgari Resort. We will also hand out your Business Card for Networking Session
  • For guaranteed safety, we will provide Antigen swab test and you are required to take the test prior starting Day 2. After antigen swab test you will need to register for your attendance joining Day 2.
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